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A Fear Based Life
No one chooses to live with fear and worry but we all know someone that suffers with these symptoms. For
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Soft Drink Consumption Is Related To What?
The consensus of peer review studies is that soft drink consumption is related to increased weight and obesity. This may
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Preventing Dementia Can Be Fun!
  Dementia prevention can be fun. The latest study I am going to tell you about is how your social
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Losing Your Memory, Are You Sleeping?
Sleep, it’s so important for a lot of things but studies have shown it is vital for your memory and
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April Showers, Vitamin D and Depression.
It’s raining again and I’m still loving it. Wells are filling, reservoirs are filling, and the flowers are going to
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Make Lemonade, Or You’re At Risk For Dementia
After a suggestion from a friend I began researching the effects of stress on cognitive decline. I’m not sure this
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